Our Merino Masks Help Twice

Protect others & help those who need it most!
The full profit of our merino wool masks supports Doctors of the World to fight the Covid Pandemic.
Please help us to raise at least €5.000.

€ 975*
already collected for the global fight against Covid-19 of Doctors of the World
*Progress bar is updated manually once a day
The Merino Wool Face Mask

The Merino Wool Face Mask
3-Pack - Black


The Merino Wool Face Mask
3-Pack - Off-White


The Merino Wool Face Mask
3-Pack - Navy Blue


The Merino Wool Face Mask
3-Pack - Color Mix


The Merino Wool Face Masks

Our masks are made from two layers of our premium 200g merino jersey. Our custom cut covers the mouth and nose tightly, is particularly comfortable, and does not slip. The fabric is made of the finest merino wool and produced in our fair & ecological factories in Germany & Portugal.

Merino wool is extremely absorbent and securely stores moisture inside the fiber. The wool's antibacterial properties prevent odor, and the superfine merino wool is super soft on the skin. Merino wool fabrics are particularly breathable, so that breathing with a mask remains comfortable.

Important: Our masks are not a medical product. 
For hygenical reasons, you can not return or exchange the masks. 

Let's Do this Together And Collect €5.000 for  those in need – by wearing a mask

Our masks help twice. First, by wearing them and protecting others. Secondly, by giving the entire margin of each WOOLDAY mask to Doctors Of The World to support those who need it most – in total €12.81 of each 3-Pack. This way, you support the great service of those on the front line where the virus hits hardest. Worldwide, in Syria, Nepal, Somalia, Haiti, in the refugee camps in Greece and more than 50 countries.
Here you find the breakdown of your donation from each mask:

Donation Breakdown Woolday Merino Wool Face Mask

For each 3-Pack we donate €12.81 to Doctors of the World.
Let's do this together. We will update you regularly on how your donation makes a difference.  

"Incredibly comfortable and breathable."

– Onno

"The only masks that fit really well."

– Björn

"Fits perfectly and the glasses don't tarnish."

– Jörg

...& save lives in two ways at once


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