Woolday No. 1

The Merino Wool Oxford Shirt

Traditional retail price: € 230
Color: Navy Blue
Initially developed in the Scottish Highland, Oxford Cloth is the perfect fabric for any occasion. It made its appearance in pop-culture, state receptions, and business for decades — and is still the ideal mix between timeless elegance and casual chic. Our original Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt features our mid-weight merino wool Oxford Cloth – a durable and easy-care fabric that will always look sleek. Fresh for days of wearing through its odor-resistance. Accentuated by GOTS-certified mother of pearl buttons, a neck button, and french cuffs. The only shirt you will ever need from now on.

The Benefits of Merino Wool

Woolday oxford shirts naturally block odors
Woolday oxford shirts are itch-proof
Woolday oxford shirts regulate heat
Woolday oxford shirts prevent wrinkles

Our Pricing

At Woolday, we bypass middlemen and retailers, forgo discounts and sales tricks, and instead invest in outstanding craftsmanship and long-lasting garments. So we can offer a price well below traditional retail. With nothing to hide, we can show you the exact costs to produce our garments. As more we know, we can start making better decisions.

Woolday oxford shirt costs
Woolday oxford shirt price comparison

Our Quality

We overcome seasons and instead invest in a lasting collection of meticulously developed merino wool garments: Fewer and better pieces, free of excess, but full of passion. Our core motivation is to reduce our impact on the planet and improve people's lives. Clothing that looks great for years, and stands out without being showy.

Made off: 17,2 micron superfine Australian merino wool
Yarn: s-twisted NM80, 2-ply
Main Fabric: 180g/sqm oxford weave
Dye and Finish: fabric dyed, pre-shrunk, decatized, sheared
Details: French cuffs, neck button, left pocket

Woolday oxford shirt factory

The Oxford Shirt Factory

Woolday oxford shirt production weaving mill

Our Weaving Mill

Our Transparency

Raw material: superfine and mulesing-free merino wool sheared in Australia (we are researching the exact origin)

Yarn: wool spun and twisted in Biella, Italy

Fabric: fabric woven in Biella, Italy; fabric dyed, shrunk, calendered and finished in Biella, Italy

Cut and made: cut, sewn, trimmed and folded in Guimarães, Portugal; GOTS ceritified mother of perl and jade shell buttons made in Stuttgart, Germany; imprint printed in Guimarães, Portugal

Packaging: card box grass paper made in Tornesch, Germany; printed card box made in Fröndenberg, Germany; grass paper for inlays made in Tornesch, Germany; cut in Halle, Germany

Fullfilment: packed by us and shipped with DHL GoGreen from our warehouse in Sulzburg, Germany