Our Philosophy

Each of us can have an impact

Woolday is on a mission to set the new standard for wool clothing. With long-lasting, useful, and ethical garments. We go the extra mile to reduce our impact on the planet and improve people’s lives.

Join our journey.

We love wool

Merino wool is a fantastic gift from nature. Its unique properties result from the harsh conditions in which the Merino sheep live. High up in the mountains of Australia with its blazing hot summers and snowy winters. They let the Merino sheep develop high-quality and versatile wool. It is incredibly soft and fluffy, odor-blocking, breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking. We preserve all these properties through careful processing.

Garments made to last

We invested almost 18 months in developing better yarns, fabrics, and designs. To create styles and quality made to last. We overcome seasons and instead build a lasting collection of meticulously developed merino wool garments: Fewer and better pieces, free of excess, but full of passion. Our core motivation is to reduce our impact on the planet and respect people and animals. Clothing that looks great for years, and stands out without being showy.

Our planet comes first

Woolday sets a new standard for wool clothing. Our collection of useful merino wool garments reduces our impact on the planet and improves the lives of people and animals – one garment at a time. From farm to factory, we only work with earth-friendly materials and experienced and passionate craftsman. In addition to our responsible production, we build a system where everything we manufacture gets redesigned, repaired, and reused - that it never ends up in landfills.

Improve things – step by step

We have only just started. Many ideas only exist in our heads so far, but as a small company, we could not implement everything from the start. We make the betterment part of our value system: if something is not good yet, we improve it. If something breaks, we repair it. We didn't start a revolution, but every step of the way makes a difference. Join us, and let's improve the fashion industry together.

We respect people and animal

Our products are only as good as all the people and animals involved in their manufacture. Their well-being is paramount to us. We handpicked each factory to make sure that all employees can live well from their work and work in a safe and friendly place. All our partners are in countries with strict and controlled standards and sound social security systems. Our primary raw material is from sheep. Together with our partners, we are continually working to guarantee the best conditions for the animals that supply our unique merino wool.

We have nothing to hide

We have lost touch with what we buy. Where things come from, with the journey of products and their impact on our planet and people. We believe you have all the right to know. Garments are the result of meticulous labor and valuable resources. We want you to reconnect and get the full picture – the right things and those that need to get better. We have nothing to hide because we don't cut corners to save a few cents or days in production. Knowing more enables us and you to make better decisions.

We are activists

We are in business to change how things go right now. We recycle and renew the resources we use, that our environment not only survives but blooms again. We support innovations and initiatives that promote ecology, equality, and change. Humans are the biggest threat to our planet and ourselves. Let's change it. Each of us can have an impact.