We combine the benefits of merino wool with men's everyday uniform.

Our approach: Uncompromising quality, ecological craftsmanship, and radical transparency.

We started Woolday to create luxurious men's basics that are ethical too. Different from other fashion companies, we charge only for garments and quality, respect our planet, and do not exploit people. We make premium basics in merino wool, the most versatile and luxurious natural material. Our clothing is odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and ensures a perfect body climate - whether winter or summer. Functional basics for men. With the sound feeling to be dressed BETTER.

Woolday merino wool crew neck shirt colors

We love merino wool

We love merino wool. For centuries it has been the material of the most valuable and most elegant garments. A natural super fiber, unsurpassed in its properties. Even NASA chose it for its space missions after long testings. The combination of performance, luxury, and comfort will change the way you experience garments.

Woolday merino wool oxford button-down shirt white

Uncompromising Quality

We invested almost 14 months in developing new yarns, fabrics, and styles from scratch. All made to deliver styles and quality made to last. We are not following the usual fashion cycles, but build a permanent collection of men's basics. Timeless, stylish, and straightforward to be around forever. With ten sizes instead of the standard five. And with a mindset of always improving. We brought casual merino wool garments to the next level, with details and fabrics not available in the market till now.

Woolday merino wool yarn production

Ecological Craftsmanship

We built a unique supply chain, entirely in Europe. At the moment we partner with eight production partners, that are the best in their respective disciplines and bring in a combined experience of more than 700 years of development and production. All based in Germany, Italy, and Portugal, we are following our conviction to produce sustainable, ecological, and fair.

Woolday products price transparency Woolday products price transparency

Radical Transparency

We are direct to consumer business, only sold on our own online store, cutting the middlemen and retail to deliver exceptional quality for an unchallenged price. We not only share the story of each garment with you but the origins of any material, where and how it is manufactured and our final product price. So you know what you really pay for.

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