Merinopower becomes Woolday

New name, better quality and more useful & luxurious merino wool garments. 

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Woolday started already 12 years ago. Back then, named Merinopower.

Marco founded the company by accident. At that time, he was managing sales of various international brands in Switzerland. Including an Australian brand for merino underwear. When the brand withdrew from the European market, demand remained. So Marco started to produce products for Swiss retailers himself.

Merinopower was born along with Marco's passion for merino wool. For almost ten years, he developed high-quality merino wool as a white label for the retailers' brands.

In 2018 Sebastian, Fabian and Lukas joined the company. An idea drove us: we wanted to produce an earth-friendly product with fair labor-conditions at a reasonable price.

The starting point for Woolday.

We started from scratch: new wool, new fabrics, new brand. We invested almost two years into the development of innovative signature fabrics and garments and building up a network of small, family-owned factories that developed and produced them. All of our factories share our values and beliefs – guaranteeing the best quality for the future.

With Woolday, we challenge what is there and take it further, one garment at a time.

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Get to know Woolday

Woolday Merino Wool T-Shirt Black

Our Lasting Merino Wool Collection

Our journey begins with the search for the perfect t-shirt and a versatile and durable oxford shirt. Our basics, made from the finest merino wool, are always in season and concentrate on the essentials. Learn more about the responsible manufacturing, quality, and transparency of every garment.

Our Philosophy

At Woolday, we set the new standard for wool clothing. With lasting garments made in a way that reduces our footprint on the planet and respects people and animals. Going beyond responsible production, we build a system where everything we make gets redesigned, repaired, and reused – transparent every step of the way.

Woolday Merino Wool Oxfort Shirt Stack On Chair