Plastic no more 

We are plastic-free

Plastic pollutes our environment. And the fashion industry plays a significant role in this. Around 60% of all clothing is made from plastic – ending up in landfills sooner rather than later. But the invisible plastic is even more worrying. Thousands of small plastic pieces, shorter than 5 millimeters, so-called microplastics, come loose with each wash. They are as little that the sewage treatment plants cannot filter them out. This microplastic enters our ecosystem, both in water and on land. And through drinks and food, it can also end up in our bodies.

Even though many manufacturers now use recycled plastic for clothing, it is a dwindling small share of 1.5% of global textile production. And it can't prevent the increasing spread of microplastics.

Wool is natural and free of plastic

Our merino wool is 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable. But much better. Since we process almost exclusively pure wool, we can fully recycle our garments if they are broken or worn out. This way, we create new products and conserve precious raw material.

Apart from the Merino Wool Boxer Brief, our garments are all made of pure merino wool. The elastic band of the Boxer Brief is made of polyester and elastane. And the fabric also contains 3% elastane. Please wash them in a wash bag that prevents microplastics from getting into the water.

Our Packaging

We worked on our packaging concept for over a year, tested various materials, and assessed them for their environmental impact. We deliberately decided against product packaging - our shipping packaging is also the product packaging. This way, we save massive amounts of waste, energy, water, and raw materials.

Woolday grass paper box

Our box is made from gras

Our Woolday box contains 50% grass and 50% recycled paper. You can even smell the grass. The box brings freshness into the house, but is also particularly resource-saving. The grass grows in Germany and the recycled cardboard from post-consumer waste paper. Smart packaging for smart garments.

Our Welcome-Card

Our welcome card is made from 100% recycled paper and printed with eco-inks in a micro-publishing house in Freiburg, Germany. Sometimes we might include other written information produced in the same way. But here is our attitude as well, less is more.

Less ist more

We decided against a printed invoice and a return label. We believe that almost all of it ends up unused in the trash. We instead solve all of these things digitally. It can be used by anyone who needs it but does not add to the garbage mountains.