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  • Heat Regulating

  • Blocking Odours

  • Self-Cleansing

  • Soft On Skin

  • No Wrinkles

Wool keeps the temperature on your skin surface constant. When it's hot, the evaporation of moisture cools the skin, and when it's cold, wool's exceptional insulating properties help.

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Merino wool has the natural ability to wick sweat and prevent bacteria. This prevents odor. When you air your wool garment out, wool even activeley breaks bacterial down.

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Wool is extremely easy to care for and saves a lot of washing. Because wool is self-cleaning. Over a period of 24 hours, it breaks down most of the dirt bacteria and always smells fresh. So you don't have to wash after each wear.

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Our merino wool is so fine and soft that you won't want to wear anything else against your skin. Forget Grandma's scratchy wool sweater. Our wool is silky soft and scratch-proof.

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Wool fibers are shaped like a spring and will quickly bend back to their original shape. As a result, our fabrics hardly wrinkle and always look fresh from the laundromat.

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Our WOOLDAY Promise

  • Pure Merino Garments

    Discover our lasting collection of no-compromise garments made from pure superfine merino wool – created to serve you for years. Get extended sizing, the purest materials, crafted in first-class European factories.

  • Human Making

    As our lifestyle exploits humans and nature, we drive change to use fewer chemicals, produce less waste and only use natural regenerative raw material. The makers of our products enjoy a living wage and a safe work environment.

  • Lasting Responsibility

    Our responsibility extends from the sheep to the end of a product's life. We support you with the best care & repair services, and buy back your worn-out WOOLDAY clothing to resell it or make new products of it. No waste, ever.

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