Merino Wool - A Great Gift From Nature

What is Merino Wool? What makes it special - the funtctions and benefits

Merino wool is a natural super-fiber

Merino wool is a fantastic gift from nature. Its unsurpassed properties result from the harsh natural conditions in which the sheep live – with snowy, freezing winters down to -25°C and hot, dry summers up to +45°C. The animals developed a fine, versatile fleece of extremely soft wool that regulates body temperature, prevents odor, effectively manages moisture and extreme breathability. Thanks to our gentle processing, it makes our merino wool garments luxury clothing for all seasons and occasions.

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What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is the finest and softest sheep wool in the world. Forget grandma's scratchy knit sweater and think about cashmere wool. The fibers of our merino wool are the softest your skin has ever felt. Each fiber of our merino wool is only 17 microns thick, only a fifth of the diameter of a human hair (70-120 microns). This fineness determines how wool feels on the skin. And ours is just luxuriously soft.

Merino wool is virgin wool from merino sheep, which were originally bred in Spain in the 12th century and are now mainly grown in Australia and New Zealand's highlands. Over the centuries, this breed of sheep has developed the softest and finest wool fleece of all sheep. It protects the sheep against temperatures and weather from -25°C to +45°C. The wool retains this incredible ability in our shirts and clothing. Therefore, a fabric made from merino wool is far superior to fabrics made from cotton, viscose, or polyester in all properties. It is the perfect combination of style, function, and comfort.

We currently source our wool from Australia and New Zealand. We pay particular attention to the wool's quality and uniformity, the herding conditions, and animal welfare. That guarantees no cruel practices such as removing the buttock fold (so-called mulesing) are used. We love not only the wool but also the beautiful sheep that it comes from.

Merino Wool is nature's high-tech material. Scientists have been trying to copy merino wool for decades because it is famous for its noble comfort, strength, inherent versatility, and functionality. Other fibers have individual properties of wool. Still, none can achieve what merino wool brings with it without any chemicals or manipulation. The list of merino wool's impressive properties combines almost everything you could want from a luxury material, a functional material, and an ecological material. Just awesome!

Let's have a look.

Merino Wool Cleans Itself

Merino wool is capable of renewing itself. That's why wool clothing looks and smells fresh for a long time. There are a few fascinating processes merino wool uses to regenerate itself. Wool proteins (keratin) kill bad-smelling bacteria and remove odor. Water vapor swells fibers to different degrees so that they rub against each other. This built-in cleaning system brushes off dirt and stains. The crimped wool fibers pull into their original shape and prevent garments from warping and smooth the fabric. So everything wool needs to stay sleek and good-looking is a proper rest after each wear.

Goodbye Odors!

Your merino clothing work like a wearable deodorant: Merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and bacteria and expels them through vapor. This keeps your garments and you fresh for days. Unlike other clothing fabrics, our merino wool does not smell unpleasant.

Wrinkle-Free By Nature

Thanks to its crimped fibers, merino wool works like a spiral spring. The fibers keep pulling back to their original shape, flattening the material while you wear it. Wrinkles and creases don't stand a chance.

Wash Less, Wear More

Due to its ingenious ability to clean itself, there is no need to wash clothes made of merino wool after each wear. This not only saves you valuable time but also a lot of water and money.

Easy Care

Maintaining our merino wool is child's play. Because it hardly needs any care to look great and new. No matter whether you wash it by hand or in the washing machine. Find the right tips here:

How to wash merino wool

Superior Comfort

For centuries, artisans make the finest and most exquisite garments from merino wool: King coats, fine suits, luxurious knitwear, and the most delicate underwear. There is hardly any other material that is so soft and has such a subtle natural luster as the merino wool we use.

A Natural Climate Conditioner

Merino wool fabrics build small air buffers between their fibers. As wool fibers are greatly crimped (up to 40 crimps per centimeter), the fibers lie loose to each other. The body-tempered air is stored in between. This air insulation protects you against the ambient temperature and regulates your body's climate. This is how merino wool keep you comfortably warm in winter and at the same time refreshingly cool in summer.

Thermal Performance

Merino wool has an excellent thermal performance despite its low weight. During winter, it works like a heater. The wool absorbs vapor from the air that condenses inside the fiber. By this so-called adsorption, heat is released and keeps you cozy and warm.

Cooling Power of Wool

Wool during summer? Absolutely! Wool is exceptionally breathable. When it's hot, wool absorbs moisture from your body and quickly releases it to the outside, creating an evaporative chill. The air buffered in the fabric protects against the summer heat. Well-being is guaranteed!

Incredibly Soft

The hair's diameter is essential for how soft wool feels on the skin – measured in micrometers, so-called microns. Conventional wool is about 25 microns thick and scratchy. Your hair? Most likely measures between 70 and 130 microns. The superfine merino wool we use is just 17 microns thick. It's so delicate that the fibers are flexible and snuggle the skin. It doesn't get any softer than that.

Luxurious Luster

The noble appearance of merino wool fabrics is due to their subtle natural luster. During finishing, small scales on the fibers' surface are removed, making them smooth and soft. It results in the threads reflecting light and giving the fabric shimmer.


Merino wool is a true moisture artist. The inner of the fibers store water vapor, the surface repels moisture. This way, it can control humidity and sweat. It collects it between the fibers, where it dries quickly. It can store up to a third of its weight like this. The fabric still feels dry on the skin.

Quick Drying

The fine structure of merino wool releases moisture quickly and effectively. That's why merino wool is perfect for any activity. Your merino garments are dry and ready to go, long before your other clothing.

This Is, How Sustainable Our Wool Is

Merino wool can be more sustainable than any other clothing material over its entire lifespan. It is natural and renewable, needs to be washed less often, lasts longer, can be recycled and fully biodegraded.

But all of this comes down to processing. To make our clothing particularly long-lasting, we have developed more robust yarns and durable fabrics. We manufacture these in Germany and Italy under the strictest environmental standards. But above all, our garments are made from pure (i.e., 100%) merino wool, so that they are really recyclable and biodegradable.

Made By Nature


Durable & Long-Lasting

Renewable, aka Regrowing





In order to explain why our Woolday woolen clothing does not develop a smell, it is important to understand why clothing usually starts to smell unpleasant after being worn once or twice. Your sweat itself has no smell of its own. Only when materials such as hair, cotton or synthetic fibers absorb sweat, they become breeding grounds for bacteria - and they develop the stench. Merino wool prevents the sweat on the fibers from developing bacteria. On the one hand through the components of the merino wool, on the other hand because it transports and evaporates the sweat directly from the surface and from the body. This not only keeps you dry, but also largely smells good.

Thanks to our gentle processes, we have preserved these properties of merino wool even better. This allows you to put on our T-shirts, shirts and underwear many times before you need to wash them. Good ventilation over night or a hand wash in the sink is usually enough to keep Woolday clothing fresh.


Even if that sounds a little disgsuting - the answer is yes. Of course, only if you wash yourself thoroughly. It all makes sense, doesn't it? Of course, in the end you have to decide for yourself. Our clothes themselves prevent bacteria from forming and you can wear Woolday clothing for several days without washing them. If you ventilate them regularly and wash out the merino products occasionally, in your own judgment, in the sink, that's enough. 


Micron is a unit of measurement in which the thickness of fibers is measured. The thinner the fiber, the softer it is and therefore does not scratch. Everyone surely remembers the terrible woolen sweater in childhood that constantly scratched. New wool can also be very thick and scratchy. Therefore, it is divided into different qualities. The highest qualities have a maximum fiber thickness of 17.5 microns. We only use this highest quality of 17.2 micron for clothing at Woolday, as one of the few manufacturers.

Most merino wool has fiber thicknesses between 15.5 and 24.5 microns. In comparison, a human hair is between 50 to 100 microns thick.


In addition to the fact that we only use wool of a particularly high quality, we process it in a particularly gentle way. Therefore, all the great properties of merino wool are fully preserved. Here are just a few of the great skills our products have:

  • Odor-repellent: As mentioned above, our products have antibacterial properties, so they do not start to stink, even during activities that involve a lot of sweating.
  • Temperature regulating: Merino wool balances your body temperature. That means it warms you when you freeze and keeps you fresh and cool when you sweat. Sounds incredible. Therefore, the thick fur does not matter to the sheep in Australia in summer.
  • Warms when wet: Merino wool can store up to 35% of its own weight inside the fibers. Woolday wool clothing therefore warms you even when it is wet. Because it pulls the moisture inside and still keeps you warm. Since the outside of the wool fibers is water-repellent (hydrophobic), it keeps itself dry. A little tip: If you are out and there is a bad weather, let the first drops rain on your Merino shirt and only then put on a jacket. Then the shirt warms you all the more.
  • Extra soft: Woolday clothing is made from the finest quality of merino wool. This means that the individual hair is particularly thin and therefore particularly soft. Not only does our wool not scratch - on the contrary, it even tickles briefly at the beginning, it is so soft - no, it is also one of the softest materials that can be worn directly on the skin.
  • Wrinkle-free: Merino wool is almost wrinkle-free, which means no troublesome ironing. Even if the Woolday clothing has a few folds, these will smooth out when worn by the body heat.
  • UV protection: Merino wool comes with natural UV protection. This prevents the radiation from penetrating through clothing. Up to a sun protection factor of 40.
  • Flameproof: Although the fibers of the merino wool are so fine, sparks on the campfire can not harm you. Unlike synthetic fibers. Because merino wool is only flammable above 550 ° C.
  • Antistatic: Unlike synthetic fibers, merino wool does not charge electrically. It is even completely antistatic. One of the reasons why astronauts wear clothes made of merino wool. Of course, in addition to all the advantages mentioned above.
  • Renewable and compostable: Merino wool is the epitome of a renewable raw material. Merino sheep are shorn once a year.