Woolday No. 10

The Merino Wool Sweatshirt

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Get anything you expect from a sweatshirt. Stay cosy and warm in any weather. Enjoy sweat-wicking and temperature regulation if you perform at your limits. And look chic - no matter if you are in the spotlight or crashing on the couch. Our french terry merino wool sweater is a versatile companion, featuring our very own 100% merino wool loopback (330g per square meter), triple stitching and plastic-free cuffs. Made earth-positive by our passionate creators in Germany and Portugal.

The Benefits of Merino Wool

Woolday products naturally block odors
Woolday products regulate heat
Woolday products are itch-proof
Woolday products prevent wrinkles

Our Pricing

We are convinced that real sustainability goes hand in hand with radical transparency. And that you have a right to know what it costs to make your clothes. So we can all make better decisions, and you can understand the value of your clothes.

Our margin covers salaries, new product development, sales and marketing expenses and investment in advanced and sustainable manufacturing processes.

We only price 2-3x the manufacturing cost, not 6-10x like most brands. So we guarantee you the best quality at the best price.

Our Quality

We overcome seasons and instead invest in a lasting collection of meticulously developed merino wool garments: Fewer and better pieces, free of excess, but full of passion. Our core motivation is to reduce our impact on the planet and improve people's lives. Clothing that looks great for years, and stands out without being showy.

Made off: Loopback and Rib: 17,2 micron superfine Australian Merino Wool; Outer Surface: 21 micron extrafine Australian Merino Wool
Yarn: Loopback and Rib: s-twisted NM 80/2; Outer Surface: s-twisted NM 27/1
Main Fabric: 330g/sqm Loopback (French Terry) Double-Knit
Neckline: 500g/sqm 2x2 rib knit
Dye and Finish: fabric dyed, pre-shrunk, decatized
Details: seams reinforced with 3-threaded cover stitch

Sewing and Cutting Desks in the WOOLDAY T-Shirt Factory

The T-Shirt Factory

A circular knitting loom in the knitting mill

The Circular Knitting Mill

Finishing equipment at the fabric finisher

The Circular Knit Finisher

Our Transparency

Raw material: superfine and mulesing-free merino wool sheared in Australia (we are researching the exact origin)

Yarn: wool spun and twisted in Lodz, Poland

Fabric: loopback fabric knitted in Hof, Germany; double-rib collar knitted in Hof, Germany; fabric and collar dyed, shrunk and finished in Albstadt, Germany

Cut and made: cut, sewn, trimmed and folded in Braga, Portugal; label printed in Braga, Portugal

Packaging: card box grass paper made in Tornesch, Germany; printed card box made in Fröndenberg, Germany; grass paper for inlays made in Tornesch, Germany; cut in Halle, Germany

Fullfilment: packed by us and shipped with DHL GoGreen from our warehouse in Sulzburg, Germany